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A Rails plugin for leveraging the Prawn library to produce compiled pdf views

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Adds pdf-writer support to Rails


To begin rendering PDFs, simply create a view with a .rpdf extension and paste in the code:

  pdf.select_font "Times-Roman"
  pdf.text "Hello, World", :font_size => 72, :justification => :center

If you want the text to be dynamic, simply replace "Hello World" with an instance variable. It works like a charm, although I had to rearrange the code a bit to make it work. (See the sample controller code at the bottom.)

I've not yet tested any of this; I was just too excited once it started working. Note: to get plugins to work properly, you MUST restart the server after installing it.

  **Important** If you are using a layout, you must disable it for the view!!! 

The default filename for the pdf is "Default.pdf" I'll probably change that later to reflect the view name, but for now it works pretty good. To override it, set an instance variable in your controller named "@rails_pdf_name" The rendered pdf will take this filename.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sample Controller

  class PagesController < ApplicationController
    def getpdf
    	@rails_pdf_name = "Hello.pdf"
    	@content = "This is dynamic content!!!"

Sample View

  pdf.select_font "Times-Roman"
  pdf.text @content, :font_size => 72, :justification => :center


Original RubyForge project (outdated):

GitHub fork:

Clone URL:


  * Created by Tom Willett
  * Forked and updated by Matthew Bass <>
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