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KErnel OPerationS, on CPUs and GPUs, with autodiff and without memory overflows
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What is KeOps?

KeOps is a library that computes on a GPU generic reductions of 2d arrays whose entries may be computed through a mathematical formula. We provide an autodiff engine to generate effortlessly the formula of the derivative. For instance, KeOps can compute Kernel dot products and their derivatives.

A typical sample of (pseudo) code looks like

from keops import Genred

# create the function computing the derivative of a Gaussian convolution
my_conv = Genred(reduction='Sum',
                 formula  ='Grad(Exp(-SqNorm2(x-y) / IntCst(2)), x, b)',
                 alias    =['x=Vi(3)', 'y=Vj(3)', 'b=Vi(3)'])

# ... apply it to the 2d array x, y, b with 3 columns and a (huge) number of lines
result = my_conv(x,y,b)

KeOps provides good performances and linear (instead of quadratic) memory footprint. It handles multi GPU. More details are provided here:


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