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Block snippets

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You can customize the HTML output of each block individually with custom block snippets.

All snippets for editor blocks must be located in site/snippets/editor. If the folder does not exist yet, just create it manually.

Block snippet names

  • /site/snippets/editor/blockquote.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/code.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/h1.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/h2.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/h3.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/hr.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/image.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/kirbytext.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/ol.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/paragraph.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/ul.php
  • /site/snippets/editor/video.php

Available variables

Each block snippet receives a number of default block variables that you can use to create the HTML for the block.


The entire block object


The main content of the block is a field object and has full access to all field methods


An object of all available attributes. All attributes are field objects and have full access to all field methods. You can fetch non existing attributes without risk and check with isEmpty or isNotEmpty if they exist or have some content


The previous block object if available


The next block object if available

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