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@bastianallgeier bastianallgeier released this Feb 19, 2019 · 158 commits to master since this release

  • Better error handling in error boundaries
  • Fix default column prop in UrlPreviewComponent
  • Fix renaming files with the same name but different extension
  • Fix loading absolute file paths in svg() helper
  • Fix problem saving floats in number and range fields
  • Fix emoji alignment on high-res screens
  • Bring back the „create from title“ button when changing a page url
  • Fix for Blueprint datetime usage
  • Create guide
  • Move to .github subfolder
  • Add issue and PR templates
  • Fix pages section templates option
  • Files field: update when file gets deleted
  • Fix finding files with $kirby→file() relative to other files
  • Remove language.created translation from source
  • Update Finish translation
  • Update Italian translation
  • Update Dutch translation
  • Add api.allowInsecure option to disable the SSL requirement for API calls
  • Fix creating new Collection from array
  • Fix Page::modified() issues with custom date handler and no format
  • Use semantic versioning for Composer installer
  • Fix case sensitivity in load() helper
  • Fix Page::isDescendantOf() with string argument
  • Fix passing values as callbacks in Page::update(), File::update(), User::update() and Site::update().
  • Re-implement missing Asset class and add new asset() helper
  • Remove empty elements when passing attribute values as array to the Html::attr() method
  • Remove deprecated $kirby→root('emails')
  • Fix missing Field::model() method
  • Fix „Open“ button in the panel when the url is set to / in the config
  • Avoid logout when a blueprint throws an error
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