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@bastianallgeier bastianallgeier released this Apr 2, 2019

  • Use the current $page if no path is passed to image() helper
  • API routes can now be defined as callbacks in plugins
  • Emails can only have a HTML template without a text template
  • The Number field no longer strips negative sign when typing -0
  • Fixes wrong order of files in API responses
  • Fix falsely translating field options
  • Fix scrolling in login view
  • Fix issues with time field
  • Fix time field preview in structure fields
  • Fix white image background for icons in sections
  • Fix files sorting in paginated files section
  • Fix hidden search in topbar
  • Fix issues with dialogs in the textarea field
  • Correctly escape regex characters in multiselect field
  • Content is now kept when programmatically creating users
  • $page→previewUrl() can now handle query strings in blueprint definitions correctly
  • $file→modified() works correctly now when the content has been modified
  • Fix pages section error min message
  • The svg() helper is now working reliably with OPcache and also avoids loading PHP code
  • Keep url, translations and other custom props in file when saving languages
  • The pages cache is now automatically disabled when there are params in the URL
  • Default values for structure fields work reliably now
  • The template switcher now works in multi-language installations without data-loss.
  • Finding users by email is now case insensitive
  • Setting a min value for the following fields now also implies that the field is required:
    • checkboxes, tags, structure, users, pages, files
  • Setting required: true for the fields above now also implies min: 1
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