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@bastianallgeier bastianallgeier released this Apr 23, 2019 · 43 commits to master since this release

  • Paginated structure fields open items correctly now
  • Pasting multiple values into the tags field works now
  • Manual sorting order is preserved after selecting additional entries (pages, files and users field)
  • Fixed tags field filtering items based on their text instead of their value
  • Fixes for the styling and (non-)interaction of disabled fields
  • Consistent access to dotted options for plugins
  • Fix updating content in multilanguage setups, respecting translate: false blueprint option
  • All blueprints from plugins are now correctly listed in template lists
  • The Panel breadcrumbs are now reset before entering a custom view
  • When you are trying to remove items in the pages and files sections below a defined min, an error dialog is shown.
  • Calling hooks consecutively with different parameters is now fixed.
  • OPcache invalidation added for PHP files.
  • Languages::load() now reloads languages and returns them on repeated calls.
  • Locale can be set as array again (as in v2).
  • Session garbage collection works more reliably.
  • Regex characters are correctly escaped in the autocomplete component.
  • Significant performance boost when sorting pages by URL in multilang sites
  • It's now possible to change the media folder by adjusting the root and Url. Routing will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Fixed broken default values for date fields in structures
  • The site title is now stored correctly when switching from single-language to multi-language
  • Fixed the preview of radio button fields in structures
  • BOM in yaml files are now automatically removed
  • A field called "title" in a file blueprint caused an unexpected bug, which is now fixed.
  • Refactored way of loading css and js plugins for the panel with automatic garbage collection of removed plugins.
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