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  • Fixed typo in Pull Request template
  • Added missing @since information to inline docs, which gets reflected on our site
  • Fixed class references in inline docs (for better IDE support and docs)
  • The app state is updated immediately on user login/logout #2267
  • Fixed slug generation issues #2282
  • Fixed asteriks issue in the slug helper #2293
  • Fixed sortBy option in structure fields #2279
  • Fixed text option in users field #2278
  • Fixed mailto null linking in email field #2254
  • Fixed toggle preview in structure field #2291
  • The session handler is now accessible in the $kirby object #2294
  • New getManually() method in the AutoSession class
  • Use new translation locale in API code #2233
  • Added translations for image validations #2300
  • Fixed multiselect field issues #2302
  • Decimals are no longer removed automatically in the number field by default #2306
  • Empty values in the number field are now saved correctly again #2288
  • We no longer test PHP 7.1. Security support ends in 4 days and we plan to stop supporting it in 3.4
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