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@bastianallgeier bastianallgeier released this Jan 14, 2020

  • We've added fallbacks for the grab cursor on drag handles #2354
  • The timezone bug in date fields is fixed #2349
  • The files blueprint preset has a new image option #2272
  • Links with anchors are now handled correctly on multi language sites #2280
  • The correct path is used when you drag files into textareas #2366
  • We've updated all our JS dependencies for the panel
  • Kirby uses a more reliable way to load roles #2383
  • We've added Japanese slug rules #2334
  • You can now replace files with the same extension but different mime types #1783
  • We've normalized greyscale, grayscale and bw as thumb options. You can now also use $image->greyscale(), $image->grayscale() or $image->bw() to achieve the same. Keep the typos coming :) #2384
  • We've switched from Zend Framework to Laminas for the Escaper class #2390
  • The search in the filepicker for textareas is fixed #2388
  • Our translators updated Danish (da) and Swedish (sv_SV)
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