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Kirby: the CMS that adapts to any project, loved by developers and editors alike.
The Plainkit is a minimal Kirby setup with the basics you need to start a project from scratch. It is the ideal choice if you are already familiar with Kirby and want to start step-by-step.

You can learn more about Kirby at

Try Kirby for free

You can try Kirby and the Plainkit on your local machine or on a test server as long as you need to make sure it is the right tool for your next project. … and when you’re convinced, buy your license.

Get going

Read our guide on how to get started with Kirby.

You can download the latest version of the Plainkit.
If you are familiar with Git, you can clone Kirby's Plainkit repository from Github.

git clone

What's Kirby?

  • – Get to know the CMS.
  • Try it – Take a test ride with our online demo. Or download one of our kits to get started.
  • Documentation – Read the official guide, reference and cookbook recipes.
  • Issues – Report bugs and other problems.
  • Feedback – You have an idea for Kirby? Share it.
  • Forum – Whenever you get stuck, don't hesitate to reach out for questions and support.
  • Discord – Hang out and meet the community.
  • Mastodon – Spread the word.
  • Instagram – Share your creations: #madewithkirby.

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