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Kirby is a file-based CMS. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Flexible as hell.


You can try Kirby on your local machine or on a test server as long as you need to make sure it is the right tool for your next project.

Buy a license

You can purchase your Kirby license at

A Kirby license is valid for a single domain. You can find Kirby's license agreement here:

The Starterkit

Kirby's Starterkit comes with a small demo website and a fully configured panel. Feel free to modify it and play with it as much as you like.

There's also the Langkit in case you need a multi-language installation.

The Panel

You can find the login for Kirby's admin interface at You will be guided through the signup process for your first user, when you visit the panel for the first time.


Kirby does not require a database, which makes it very easy to install. Just copy Kirby's files to your server and visit the URL for your website in the browser.

Please check if the invisible .htaccess file has been copied to your server correctly


Kirby runs on PHP 5.4+, Apache or Nginx.


You can download the latest version of the Starterkit from

With Git

If you are familiar with Git, you can clone Kirby's Starterkit repository from Github.

git clone


Issues and feedback

If you have a Github account, please report issues directly on Github:

Otherwise you can use Kirby's forum: or send us an email:



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