a cross platfrom Go library to place an icon and menu in the notification area
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Package systray is a cross platfrom Go library to place an icon and menu in the notification area. Tested on Windows 8, Mac OSX, Ubuntu 14.10 and Debian 7.6.


func main() {
	// Should be called at the very beginning of main().
	systray.Run(onReady, onExit)

func onReady() {
	systray.SetTitle("Awesome App")
	systray.SetTooltip("Pretty awesome超级棒")
	mQuit := systray.AddMenuItem("Quit", "Quit the whole app")

func onExit() {
	// clean up here

Menu item can be checked and / or disabled. Methods except Run() can be invoked from any goroutine. See demo code under example folder.

Platform specific concerns


sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev libappindicator3-dev

Checked menu item not implemented on Linux yet.


Use the Visual Studio solution to build systray.dll. Make sure to target Windows XP and build for Release (not Debug). Put the resulting dll in dll/systray_unsigned.dll and then run ./signdll.bash to sign it. Check the resulting dll into git at Git at dll/systray.dll and run ./embeddll.bash to generate the systraydll_windows.go file.

The solution is configured to build with platform toolset v90 and dynamic linking to save on size and support Windows XP. To get platform toolset v90, you need to install Visual Studio 2008 (express edition is okay). You can build with a more recent Visual Studio, you just need the old one for the toolset.


Under example folder. Place tray icon under icon, and use make_icon.bat or make_icon.sh, whichever suit for your os, to convert the icon to byte array. Your icon should be .ico file under Windows, whereas .ico, .jpg and .png is supported on other platform.

go get
go run main.go