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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Simple logging library that aims to support desktop, command line
and web applications alike.
:copyright: (c) 2010 by Armin Ronacher, Georg Brandl.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
import os
from .base import (
LogRecord, Logger, LoggerGroup, NestedSetup, Processor, Flags,
get_level_name, lookup_level, dispatch_record, CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING,
NOTICE, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE, NOTSET, set_datetime_format)
from .handlers import (
Handler, StreamHandler, FileHandler, MonitoringFileHandler, StderrHandler,
RotatingFileHandler, TimedRotatingFileHandler, TestHandler, MailHandler,
GMailHandler, SyslogHandler, NullHandler, NTEventLogHandler,
create_syshandler, StringFormatter, StringFormatterHandlerMixin,
HashingHandlerMixin, LimitingHandlerMixin, WrapperHandler,
FingersCrossedHandler, GroupHandler)
from . import compat
# create an anonymous default logger and provide all important
# methods of that logger as global functions
_default_logger = Logger('Generic')
_default_logger.suppress_dispatcher = True
trace = _default_logger.trace
debug = _default_logger.debug
info =
warn = _default_logger.warn
warning = _default_logger.warning
notice = _default_logger.notice
error = _default_logger.error
exception = _default_logger.exception
catch_exceptions = _default_logger.catch_exceptions
critical = _default_logger.critical
log = _default_logger.log
del _default_logger
# install a default global handler
default_handler = StderrHandler()
from .__version__ import __version__