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Fixed logging of mixes of strings and unicode

If the format and the message are not of the same type, try to make them
uniform before trying again.

If a string reaches the format_and_encode() method, assume it is in the right
encoding and don't try to "encode" it (because str.encode() implies an ascii
strict decoding, which will break at the first non-ascii char)
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1 parent 7d0dea3 commit 3fdc11f2d4cee479d25f400dc72596ef095c4629 @dvarrazzo dvarrazzo committed Dec 5, 2012
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@@ -357,7 +357,18 @@ def _set_format_string(self, value):
del _get_format_string, _set_format_string
def format_record(self, record, handler):
- return self._formatter.format(record=record, handler=handler)
+ try:
+ return self._formatter.format(record=record, handler=handler)
+ except UnicodeEncodeError:
+ # self._formatter is a str, but some of the record items
+ # are unicode
+ fmt = self._formatter.decode('ascii', 'replace')
+ return fmt.format(record=record, handler=handler)
+ except UnicodeDecodeError:
+ # self._formatter is unicode, but some of the record items
+ # are non-ascii str
+ fmt = self._formatter.encode('ascii', 'replace')
+ return fmt.format(record=record, handler=handler)
def format_exception(self, record):
return record.formatted_exception
@@ -538,7 +549,8 @@ def format_and_encode(self, record):
"""Formats the record and encodes it to the stream encoding."""
stream =
rv = self.format(record) + '\n'
- if not _py3 or not _is_text_stream(stream):
+ if isinstance(rv, unicode) \
+ and (not _py3 or not _is_text_stream(stream)):
enc = self.encoding
if enc is None:
enc = getattr(stream, 'encoding', None) or 'utf-8'

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