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queue = Queue(-1)
handler = MultiProcessingHandler(queue)
subscriber = MultiProcessingSubscriber(queue)
+Redirecting Single Loggers
+If you want to have a single logger go to another logfile you have two
+options. First of all you can attach a handler to a specific record
+dispatcher. So just import the logger and attach something::
+ from yourapplication.yourmodule import logger
+ logger.handlers.append(MyHandler(...))
+Handlers attached directly to a record dispatcher will always take
+precedence over the stack based handlers. The bubble flag works as
+expected, so if you have a non-bubbling handler on your logger and it
+always handles, it will never be passed to other handlers.
+Secondly you can write a handler that looks at the logging channel and
+only accepts loggers of a specific kind. You can also do that with a
+filter function::
+ handler = MyHandler(filter=lambda r: == 'app.database')
+Keep in mind that the channel is intended to be a human readable string
+and is not necessarily unique. If you really need to keep loggers apart
+on a central point you might want to introduce some more meta information
+into the extra dictionary.
+You can also compare the dispatcher on the log record::
+ from yourapplication.yourmodule import logger
+ handler = MyHandler(filter=lambda r: r.dispatcher is logger)
+This however has the disadvantage that the dispatcher entry on the log
+record is a weak reference and might go away unexpectedly and will not be
+there if log records are sent to a different process.
+Last but not least you can check if you can modify the stack around the
+execution of the code that triggers that logger For instance if the
+logger you are interested in is used by a specific subsystem, you can
+modify the stacks before calling into the system.

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