@vmalloc vmalloc released this Jun 26, 2016

Released on June 26th 2016

  • Added support for timezones for log timestamp formatting (thanks Mattijs Ugen)
  • Logbook has been a 0.x long enough to earn its 1.0.0 bump!
  • Logbook now uses SemVer for its versioning scheme
  • Various improvements to MailHandler and the usage of TLS/SMTP SSL (thanks Frazer McLean)
  • Fix log colorizing on Windows (thanks Frazer McLean)
  • Coverage reports using coveralls.io
  • Dropped compatibility for Python 3.2. At this point we did not actually remove any code that supports it, but the continuous integration tests no longer check against it, and we will no longer fix compatibility issues with 3.2.
  • Better coverage and tests on Windows (thanks Frazer McLean)
  • Added enable() and disable() methods for loggers (thanks Frazer McLean)
  • Many cleanups and overall project improvements (thanks Frazer McLean)