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The entire Lynx network is designed to operate on a collaboration of low power devices resulting in a collective global mining cost of only dollars a day.


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Lynx Cryptocurrency Core

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What is Lynx?

Lynx is a secure cryptocurrency with fast transaction speeds and low-transaction fees. It’s also eco-friendly & easy-to-use. In 2017, our team upgraded and rebranded an existing coin (MEOW) as Lynx. How? We successfully forked Litecoin and ported the Kittehcoin blockchain history to it. This gives Lynx all the benefits of Litecoin with the full transaction history of Kittehcoin. These upgrades fixed the flaws in the original coin and revived its community of users. It’s cryptocurrency from the past; redesigned for the future.

How is Lynx an "eco-friendly cryptocurrency"?

According to a recent article in Wired magazine; “Bitcoin emits the equivalent of 17.7 million tons of carbon dioxide every year.” That’s a big problem! At Lynx, we believe that for cryptocurrency to be considered a secure, financial solution for today’s global marketplace, it must be created with global sustainability in mind. The energy costs of high-volume mining rigs are too demanding and they create an over-reliance on fossil fuels. Lynx code discourages high-volume mining rigs because our code purposefully lacks incentives to mine it for profit. Here are some of the business rules that help us achieve this goal:

  1. The mining reward takes one week to “mature.”

  2. The individual mining reward is only 1 Lynx (+ fees).

  3. The cost of a transaction is 0.0001 Lynx/kilobyte.

  4. Target 30 second block time.

  5. Hybrid Proof of Work “Rule 1“: A single miner address can’t win a block more than once every 60 blocks.

  6. Hybrid Proof of Work “Rule 2“: The miner’s reward address balance must be greater than or equal to a required fluctuating minimum amount of Lynx to win a block.

  7. Hybrid Proof of Work “Rule 3“: By using random selection, the fastest miners are not always guaranteed to win the block reward.

Lynx is a cryptocurrency from the past re-designed for the future. We designed Lynx to have minimal environmental impact because we’re committed to creating global solutions and maintaining a small carbon footprint. Lynx business rules encourage the use of low-cost computing (like a Raspberry Pi which only consumes less than 3 watts of electricity) to mine the coin. As a result, the electrical cost to maintain the Lynx network is a fraction of a fraction which results in a low environmental impact. The emphasis on low-cost computing also creates a decentralized, broad miner base which also strengthens the stability and security of the currency.

Find out how it works - read the Lynx Whitepaper!

Mining for non-techies? (watch the video)

Let's get some things straight first!

Where to download desktop wallets?


Lynx Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development Process

The master branch is regularly built and tested, but is not guaranteed to be completely stable. Lynx Core will regualarly pull changes accepted into Litecoin Core master at regular intervals.


While testing Lynx is encouraged, very few changes to the upstream Litecoin code are implemented, as seen in our commit history. The few changes made to this downstream version warrant testing, of course, but please consider direct bug reports to be reported to Litecoin Core.


The entire Lynx network is designed to operate on a collaboration of low power devices resulting in a collective global mining cost of only dollars a day.







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