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AWS Pricing add-on for Google Sheets

📣 An announcement about the future of the AWS Pricing add-on for Google Sheets.

Macroscope, in collaboration with @mheffner, is excited to announce that we are inheriting Mike's Google Sheets add-on to continue the great work he started. In the near future we will be getting the plugin back into a working state with the latest AWS pricing data. In addition we're actively reviewing all existing issues and will be responding after they have been prioritized.

We're excited to bring AWS pricing data back to your Google Sheets and we'll be announcing some expanded features soon. In the meantime feel free to raise issues, and to collaborate on the project please reach out to us at We'd love to hear from you.

Warning This is currently broken and failing due to the bug described in #46 (see #46 (comment) for more details). We're actively working on the issue and will post progress as it happens.

The AWS Pricing Google Sheets add-on allows you to incorporate the latest AWS pricing data in your Google Sheets spreadsheets. This makes it easy to perform cloud cost analysis directly in Sheets without error-prone copy-and-paste from pricing websites. Pricing data tracks the latest discounts from AWS.

For usage examples and documentation see the help file.

Discontinued instance sizes/offerings

This addon pulls from the AWS pricing data. Oftentimes AWS will discontinue certain instance size configurations or purchase offerings. While it may still technically be possible to purchase the offering through AWS, the pricing data is no longer offered in the current pricing files. In this case you may see a method throw an error that it can not find the pricing information.