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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy used by Manfred stating our compromise to protect privacy rights and obligations between Manfred and users.

Table of Contents

  • Motivation
  • Getting Started
  • Things to be Done
  • How to propose a Change
  • License and Author Info


One of the peculiarities of recruitment is opacity. HR platforms should be a business of transparency and openness because this is not about Apples or PCs but people.

We are committed to change that model with a candidate-centric approach and, as a first step towards our goal, we want to ensure our users' data will be protected and saveguarded through an open-sourced privacy policy so it can be read, studied, compared, discussed and used by the Community.

Furthermore, transparency is our basis. Thus, we are building Manfred publicly, sharing our milestones, learnings, fails and challenges with our Community. We are also opensourcing our Privacy Policy in case it results helpful to someone out there, who may be where we were some years ago, hesitating, learning and trying to move their project forward.

It's just a small contribution but hopefully it is the first step in disrupting the current status quo. You can take a look at our manifesto and learn more about us on our website.

You can find our Privacy Policy template here.

Our compromise

At Manfred, we want to go further European GDPR and add a compromise so that all users can download, easily and freely, their information at any time, on a format they can easily use.

Therefore, we promise that they will always be able to manually download your data in a standard and interchangeable machine-readable format (JSON) with one click. They will also be able to automatically sync thir Manfred profile with their own GitHub repository to keep an up-to-date copy of their data on their machine.

Things to be Done

1.0 English version for European jurisdiction

2.0 Spanish version for European jurisdiction

How to propose a Change

Please feel free to go ahead and fork the repository and create your own version. Later, if you have introduced changes that could improve the docs for general use, create a pull request from your fork.

Our lawyers will then review changes and, if it makes sense, we will merge your changes into the master repository and we will credit you. Thanks in advance for your collaboration!

License and Author Info

Our contracts and the rest of content in this repository are available under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 (FDL 1.3). See LICENSE.txt for more information.

Why we chose the FDL 1.3?

  • It's viral. If you fork and modify these docs, your docs will be open too.
  • This License preserves for the author and publisher a way to get credit for their work...
  • ... whilst not assuming responsibility for further modifications made by others.

More questions? Contact us:

Made with ❤️ and sentidiño in Galicia, Spain.


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