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This project is a combination of the Jekyll Static Site Generator and Material Design Lite styleguide implmentation from Google.

The main objective is to use this Project as a starting point for protoyping static sites and to explore the MDL features.

Live Site

Getting Started

Clone the repo using Git:

git clone

Please refer to the Jekyll and MDL Projects for info on how to get started in each project. This project hasn't added any dependent steps to this project. However, this project has been tested in a Docker Jekell gh-pages container (jekyll/pages) and it works well.

Styling CSS

The CSS for this project refers to the CDN asset provided by the Material Design Lite team. The Primary and Accent colors are configurable. Please see the MDL Customization Tool for options.


Jekyll and this content is licensed under the MIT License. The MDL implementation is licensed under the Apache-2 license.