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socket io client static library builds for UE4
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Socket IO C++ client library build scripts

Derived from necessary bug-fixes and cmake pre-builds for VS2015/2017 using boost 1.66.0 as dependency.

Project contains include and lib for 32bit and 64bit dependencies. C++ Client reference:

Boost reference:

Windows instructions for building (updated to reflect current)

  1. git clone --recurse-submodules

  2. Install cmake for command line

  3. run BuildBoost.bat

  4. when it's done run MoveBoostFiles.bat

  5. download or move proper boost headers into {this dir}/src/ such that the include folder is {this dir}/src/

  6. run cmake_generate.bat to generate project files

  7. Open .sln

  8. Copy x64 platform config from x32

  9. Remove Additional build settings for x64 platform (so that you don't get target machine mismatch error)

  10. Compile sioclient.lib all the configs required (32/64bit)

  11. Run MoveSocketFiles.bat

  12. All compiled things are found in Output



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