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//: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
//: Copyright (C) 2017 Verizon. All Rights Reserved.
//: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
//: you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
//: You may obtain a copy of the License at
//: Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
//: distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
//: WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
//: See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
//: limitations under the License.
//: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
package nelson
import nelson.Manifest.UnitDef
import cats.instances.string._
import cats.syntax.reducible._
abstract class NelsonError(msg: String) extends RuntimeException {
override def getMessage: String = msg
final case class InvalidSlug(s: String)
extends NelsonError(s"Invalid slug '$s'")
final case class InvalidRepoAccess(s: String)
extends NelsonError(s"Invalid slug '$s'")
final case class RepoNotFound(slug: Slug)
extends NelsonError(s"repo '${slug.toString}' not found")
final case class ExceededLimitRange(value: Int)
extends NelsonError(s"the specified limit '$value' exceeded the permitted range nelson allows for querying in a single request.")
final case class UnexpectedMissingHook(slug: Slug)
extends NelsonError(s"repo '${slug.toString}' was expected to have a hook")
final case class ProblematicRepoManifest(slug: Slug)
extends NelsonError(s"repo '${slug.toString}' was expected to have a valid .nelson.yml")
final case class ProblematicDeployable(str: String, url: String)
extends NelsonError(s"Error when attempting to parse deployable from repository. Please ensure that a valid deployable was supplied: ${url} -- $str")
final case class MissingDeploymentReference(id: Long, slug: Slug)
extends NelsonError(s"fetching the deployment '${id}' from '${slug.toString}' on github returned no results; this is likely a critical error.")
final case class MisconfiguredDatacenter(name: String, problem: String)
extends NelsonError(s"The datacenter named $name is misconfigured: $problem")
final case class MissingDeployment(guid: String)
extends NelsonError(s"deployment ${guid} could not be found; please check you have the right GUID")
final case class MissingReleaseForDeployment(guid: String)
extends NelsonError(s"release could not be found for deployment guid ${guid}")
final case class UnknownDatacenter(name: String)
extends NelsonError(s"a datacenter called '$name' is not known by nelson.")
final case class UnknownNamespace(dcName: String, nsName: String)
extends NelsonError(s"there is no namespace named '$nsName' in datacenter '$dcName'")
case object NoTargetDatacenters
extends NelsonError("there must be at least one datacenter defined before deployments can be conducted.")
final case class FailedDockerOperation(err: String)
extends NelsonError(s"unexpected error executing docker operation: $err")
final case class FailedDockerExtraction(err: String)
extends NelsonError(s"failed docker extraction because: $err")
final case class InvalidDockerImage(name: String)
extends NelsonError(s"'$name' is not a valid docker container name")
final case class UnsatisfiedDeploymentRequirements(u: Manifest.UnitDef)
extends NelsonError(s"the input unit did not satisfy the deployment requirements. unit was: $u")
final case class MultipleErrors(errors: NonEmptyList[NelsonError])
extends NelsonError("Multiple errors: " + errors.reduceMap(_.getMessage))
final case class MultipleValidationErrors(errors: NonEmptyList[NelsonError])
extends NelsonError("Validation errors: " + errors.reduceMap(e => s"${e.getMessage}. "))
final case class UnexpectedConsulResponse(resp: String)
extends NelsonError(s"got an unexpected response from consul: $resp")
final case class MissingDependency(unit: String,
dc: String,
ns: String,
dependency: Datacenter.ServiceName)
extends NelsonError(s"There is no deployment in datacetner $dc namespace $ns satisfying the dependency $dependency for unit $unit")
final case class DeprecatedDependency(unit: String,
dc: String,
ns: String,
dependency: Datacenter.ServiceName
extends NelsonError(s"Dependency $dependency is deprecated in datacenter $dc namespace $ns for unit $unit")
final case class CyclicDependency(message: String)
extends NelsonError(message)
final case class FailedWorkflow(name: String, reason: String = "")
extends NelsonError(s"workflow '$name' failed to execute. $reason")
object UnsatisfiedDeploymentRequirements {
import Manifest.Versioned
def apply(u: Manifest.UnitDef @@ Versioned): UnsatisfiedDeploymentRequirements =
final case class ManifestUnitKindMismatch(unitKind: String, unitNames: List[String]) extends NelsonError(
s"""The unit '$unitKind' does not appear in the supplied list of units '${unitNames.mkString(", ")}'. Please ensure that you are specifying the units in the manifests, as they are being supplied on the command line.`""")
final case class InvalidLoadbalancerPort(port: Int, allowed: List[Int]) extends NelsonError(s"""$port is not supported for loadbalancing; supported ports are ${allowed.mkString(",")}""")
final case class InvalidLoadbalancer(rs: Vector[Manifest.Route]) extends NelsonError(s"""only the default port is allow for loadbalancing: ${",")} have been requested""")
final case class InvalidLoadbalancerNameLength(name: String, max: Int) extends NelsonError(s"""loadbalancer name ($name) must less that $max characters""")
final case class InvalidRouteDefinition(name: String) extends
NelsonError(s"""loadbalancer $name has invalid route definition, all routes must route to the same backend service""")
final case class UnknownBackendDestination(r: Manifest.Route, unames: List[String]) extends NelsonError(s"""backend
destination route (${r.asString}) does not reference a known unit name (${unames.mkString(", ")})""")
final case class LoadbalancerNotFound(guid: GUID)
extends NelsonError(s"loadbalancer deployment '${guid}' not found")
final case class InvalidPrometheusRules(msg: String)
extends NelsonError(s"Invalid Prometheus rules: $msg.")
final case class InvalidGrant(unitName: UnitName, grant: String)
extends NelsonError(s"Invalid grant to unit '$unitName': '$grant'")
final case class FailedLoadbalancerDeploy(name: String, reason: String)
extends NelsonError(s"Loadbalancer deployment ($name) failed because $reason")
final case class MissingDefaultNamespaceReference(ns: NamespaceName)
extends NelsonError(s"Default namespace (${ns.asString}) is missing from manifest")
final case class MissingIndividualDefaultNamespaceReference(ns: NamespaceName)
extends NelsonError(s"Default namespace (${ns.asString}) reference missing from one or more units")
final case class UnknownPortRef(ref: String, unit: UnitName)
extends NelsonError(s"port reference $ref is not declared for unit $unit")
final case class MissingHealthCheckPath(protocol: String)
extends NelsonError(s"$protocol protocol must define a health check path, none was defined")
final case class MissingResourceReference(ref: String, p: Manifest.Plan)
extends NelsonError(s"resources reference $ref is missing from plan ${}")
final case class DeploymentCommitFailed(reason: String)
extends NelsonError(s"deployment commit failed because $reason")
final case class InvalidTrafficShiftReverse(reason: String)
extends NelsonError(s"invlaid traffic shift reverse: $reason")
final case class PeriodicUnitWithTrafficShift(name: String)
extends NelsonError(s"$name can not define both a schedule and traffic shift")
final case class InvalidNamespaceName(name: String)
extends NelsonError(s"$name is an invalid namespace name")
final case class NamespaceCreateFailed(reason: String)
extends NelsonError(s"namespace was not created because: $reason")
final case class ManualDeployFailed(reason: String)
extends NelsonError(s"manual deploy failed because $reason")
final case class InvalidUnitNameLength(name: String)
extends NelsonError(s"$name is too long. Unit names must be less than 42 characters")
final case class InvalidUnitNameChars(name: String)
extends NelsonError(s"$name contains invalid characters. Unit names can only include hyphens, A-Z, a-z, 0-9 where the unit name starts and ends with an alpha-numeric character.")
final case class UnknownBlueprintReference(ref: String, revision: blueprint.Blueprint.Revision)
extends NelsonError(s"the blueprint '${ref}@${revision.toString}' does not exist in the database; be sure you have specified the correct name and revision")
final object NomadNotImplemented extends NelsonError(s"Nelson 0.11.x+ currently does not support Nomad. If you are interested in using Nelson with Nomad please file an issue on GitHub: or reach out to us on Gitter:")
final case class VersionedGitTagRequired(ref: Github.Reference)
extends NelsonError(s"Nelson can presently only release from tags whilst the supplied ref was '${ref}'")
////////////////////////// YAML ERRORS ///////////////////////////////
abstract class YamlError(msg: String) extends NelsonError(msg)
object YamlError {
def loadError(error: String): YamlError = LoadError(error)
def missingProperty(field: String): YamlError = MissingProperty(field)
def invalidUnitType(st: String): YamlError = InvalidUnitType(st)
def invalidWorkflow(name: String): YamlError = InvalidWorkflow(name)
def invalidServiceName(sn: String): YamlError = InvalidServiceName(sn)
def invalidFeatureVersion(sn: String, v: String): YamlError = InvalidFeatureVersion(sn, v)
def invalidPortSpecification(msg: String): YamlError = InvalidPortSpecification(msg)
def unknownUnitRef(ref: String): YamlError = UnknownUnitRef(ref)
def unknownLoadbalancerRef(ref: String): YamlError = UnknownLoadbalancerRef(ref)
def unknownPlanRef(ref: String): YamlError = UnknownPlanRef(ref)
def unknownAlertOptOutRef(unit: UnitDef, ref: String): YamlError = UnknownAlertOptOutRef(unit, ref)
def duplicateAlertName(name: String): YamlError = DuplicateAlertName(name)
def duplicateRuleName(name: String): YamlError = DuplicateRuleName(name)
def invalidIpAddress(ip: String): YamlError = InvalidIpAddress(ip)
def invalidExternalAddress(uri: String): YamlError = InvalidExternalAddress(uri)
def invalidExpirationPolicy(str: String): YamlError = InvalidExpirationPolicy(str)
def invalidEmail(str: String): YamlError = InvalidEmail(str)
def invalidDesiredContainerCount(i: Int): YamlError = InvalidDesiredContainerCount(i)
def invalidSchedule(s: String): YamlError = InvalidSchedule(s)
def unknownExpirationPolicyRef(s: String): YamlError = UnknownExpirationPolicyRef(s)
def invalidDuration(d: String, reason: String): YamlError = InvalidDuration(d, reason)
def invalidProtocol(s: String): YamlError = InvalidProtocol(s)
def invalidAlphaNumHyphen(s: String, field: String): YamlError = InvalidAlphaNumHyphen(s, field)
def invalidURI(uri: String): YamlError = InvalidURI(uri)
def invalidCPU(d: Double): YamlError = InvalidCPU(d)
def invalidCPUBound(request: Double, limit: Double): YamlError = InvalidCPUBound(request, limit)
val missingCPULimit: YamlError = MissingCPULimit
def invalidMemory(d: Double): YamlError = InvalidMemory(d)
def invalidMemoryBound(request: Double, limit: Double): YamlError = InvalidMemoryBound(request, limit)
val missingMemoryLimit: YamlError = MissingMemoryLimit
def invalidInstances(d: Int): YamlError = InvalidInstances(d)
def invalidTrafficShiftPolicy(name: String): YamlError = InvalidTrafficShift(name)
def invalidTrafficShiftDuration(dur: String): YamlError = InvalidTrafficShiftDuration(dur)
def invalidNamespace(n: String, reason: String): YamlError = InvalidNamespace(n,reason)
def emptyList(name: String): YamlError = EmptyList(name)
def invalidMetaLength(meta: String): YamlError = InvalidMetaLength(meta)
val missingVolumeName: YamlError = MissingVolumeName
def invalidMountPath(path: String, reason: String): YamlError = InvalidMountPath(path, reason)
val missingVolumeSize: YamlError = MissingVolumeSize
def invalidVolumeSize(request: Int): YamlError = InvalidVolumeSize(request)
def invalidBlueprintReference(blueprintRef: String, msg: String): YamlError = InvalidBlueprintReference(blueprintRef, msg)
def missingResourceName(unitName: UnitName): YamlError = MissingResourceName(unitName)
private final case class InvalidBlueprintReference(ref: String, msg: String)
extends YamlError(s"specified blueprint reference '${ref}' is not valid. Must be of the form thing@HEAD or thing@3 - error: ${msg}")
private final case class InvalidExternalAddress(uri: String)
extends YamlError(s"specified uri '$uri' is not a valid URI. Must be of the form: protocol://host:port")
private final case class InvalidIpAddress(ip: String)
extends YamlError(s"specified ip address '$ip' is not a valid ipv4 address.")
private final case class LoadError(error: String)
extends YamlError(s"unable to load the specified yaml. reported error was:\n\n $error")
private final case class MissingProperty(field: String)
extends YamlError(s"the field '$field' was not found in the yaml document.")
private final case class InvalidWorkflow(name: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$name' is not a valid workflow.")
private final case class InvalidUnitType(ut: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$ut' is not a valid unitType, expected 'job' or 'service'")
private final case class InvalidServiceName(sn: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$sn' is an invalid Service Name. Expected a name in the form 'serviceType@1.2'")
private final case class InvalidFeatureVersion(sn: String, v: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$sn' is not a valid Service Name because '$v' is not a valid Feature Version. Should be in the form 'breaking.feature'")
private final case class InvalidPortSpecification(msg: String)
extends YamlError(msg)
private final case class UnknownUnitRef(ref: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$ref' isn't a valid unit reference, because it was not declared as a unit. Ensure that the unit in question is being correctly referenced from namespaces and plans respectively.")
private final case class UnknownLoadbalancerRef(ref: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$ref' isn't a valid loadbalancer reference, because it was not declared as a loadbalancer.")
private final case class UnknownPlanRef(ref: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$ref' isn't a valid plan reference, because it was not declared as a plan.")
private final case class UnknownAlertOptOutRef(unitDef: UnitDef, ref: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$ref' isn't a valid alert opt-out, because it was not declared in unit '${}'.")
private final case class DuplicateAlertName(name: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$name' alert name is not unique within this manifest.")
private final case class DuplicateRuleName(name: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$name' rule name is not unique within this manifest.")
private final case class InvalidExpirationPolicy(policy: String)
extends YamlError(s"$policy isn't a valid expiration policy.")
private final case class InvalidEmail(str: String)
extends YamlError(s"$str isn't a valid email")
private final case class InvalidDesiredContainerCount(i: Int)
extends YamlError(s"$i isn't a valid desired container count")
private final case class InvalidSchedule(msg: String)
extends YamlError(msg)
private final case class UnknownExpirationPolicyRef(s: String)
extends YamlError(s"$s isn't a valid expiration policy.")
private final case class InvalidDuration(d: String, reason: String)
extends YamlError(s"$d is not a valid duration because $reason")
private final case class InvalidProtocol(s: String)
extends YamlError(s"$s in not a valid protocol. Valid protocols are: 'http', 'https', or 'tcp'")
private final case class InvalidAlphaNumHyphen(s: String, field: String)
extends YamlError(s"field $field is not a valid alphanumeric hyphen string: $s")
private final case class InvalidURI(uri: String)
extends YamlError(s"$uri is an invalid URI")
private final case class InvalidCPU(d: Double)
extends YamlError(s"$d is an invalid CPU request, must be between 0 and 100")
private final case class InvalidCPUBound(request: Double, limit: Double)
extends YamlError(s"Invalid CPU request, request must be <= $limit but is $request")
private final case object MissingCPULimit
extends YamlError(s"Cannot specify CPU request without CPU limit.")
private final case class InvalidMemory(d: Double)
extends YamlError(s"$d is an invalid memory request, must be between 0 and 50000")
private final case class InvalidMemoryBound(request: Double, limit: Double)
extends YamlError(s"Invalid memory request, request must be <= $limit but is $request")
private final case object MissingMemoryLimit
extends YamlError(s"Cannot specify memory request without memory limit.")
private final case class InvalidInstances(d: Int)
extends YamlError(s"$d is an invalid instances request, must be between 0 and 500")
private final case class InvalidTrafficShift(name: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$name' is not a valid traffic shift policy.")
private final case class InvalidTrafficShiftDuration(dur: String)
extends YamlError(s"'$dur' is not a valid traffic shift duration. Duration must be between 15 minutes and 5 days")
private final case class InvalidNamespace(n: String, reason: String)
extends YamlError(s"$n is an invalid namespace name because: $reason")
private final case class EmptyList(field: String)
extends YamlError(s"the field '$field' can not be empty")
private final case class InvalidMetaLength(meta: String)
extends YamlError(s"""meta ($meta) must less that or equal to 14 characters""")
private final case object MissingVolumeName
extends YamlError(s"Missing volume name in volume manifest.")
private final case class InvalidMountPath(path: String, reason: String)
extends YamlError(s"${path} is an invalid mount path: ${reason}.")
private final case object MissingVolumeSize
extends YamlError("Missing volume size in volume manifest.")
private final case class InvalidVolumeSize(request: Int)
extends YamlError(s"$request is an invalid volume disk request, must be > 0 (measured in megabytes).")
private final case class MissingResourceName(name: UnitName)
extends YamlError(s"A resource in unit $name is missing a name")
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