A sample project for Netlify CMS + Nikola that can be deployed in one click.
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This is a sample Nikola blog, compatible with Netlify CMS.

Hit this one button:

Deploy to Netlify

And then configure it in Netlify’s panel. Go to the Identity section of Settings, and:

  1. Enable Identity service
  2. Set it to Invite only
  3. Enable social login (or not) — GitHub would be nice
  4. Enable Git Gateway (at the bottom)
  5. Add users on the Identity tab (top of the page) if necessary.

Also, consider changing your site name in the General settings, and site URL in files/admin/config.yml. You should end up with a site with the Netlify CMS available in /admin/. Congratulations!

PS. Netlify CMS can be used without Netlify’s CDN/hosting service, but that requires some extra configuration work. Also, preview images require theme support (not available in the default).