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bundles not done
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ralsina committed May 28, 2015
1 parent d155c22 commit 1dcb8cc395b1f4859d4327f031a80f125d7dce6a
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@@ -739,6 +739,11 @@ And then we can put the options in's ``GLOBAL_CONTEXT``:

Doing the same for layout-reverse, sidebar-overlay and the rest is left as an excercise for the reader.


I promised to get to bundles. Sadly I ran out of steam. To be done soon.

The End

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@Kwpolska Kwpolska replied May 28, 2015

Bundles are used by Nikola to speed things up by putting all JS and CSS in big files that encompass everything. In order to use them, you need to install webassets from PyPI and USE_BUNDLES needs to be set to True (which is the default setting).

In order to create bundles, you need a themes/lanyon/bundles text file. Its format is output.filename=input,files,separated,by,commas. A sample file for lanyon is:


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@ralsina ralsina replied May 28, 2015

Feel free to add that to the doc :-)

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