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Don’t add new features to manual just yet
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Mar 17, 2017
1 parent 94dc34f commit 2e1e47edca3c85920a921739e03675365e889a7a
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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
"last_deploy": "2017-01-19T19:12:44.495741"
"last_deploy": "2017-03-17T17:07:36.313455"
@@ -310,10 +310,6 @@ category
Like tags, except each post can have only one, and they usually have
more descriptive names.

String used as GUID in RSS feeds and as ID in Atom feeds instead of the

Link to original source for content. May be displayed by some themes.

@@ -571,8 +567,7 @@ The ``new_post`` command supports some options:

The optional ``path`` parameter tells Nikola exactly where to put it instead of guessing from your config.
So, if you do ``nikola new_post posts/random/foo.txt`` you will have a post in that path, with
"foo" as its slug. You can also provide a directory name, in which case Nikola
will append the file name for you (generated from title).
"foo" as its slug.

The ``-d, --date-path`` option automates creation of ``year/month/day`` or
similar directory structures. It can be enabled on a per-post basis, or you can
@@ -2353,16 +2348,12 @@ The following options are recognized:
* clause: attribute comparison_operator value (spaces optional)
* attribute: year, month, day, hour, month, second, weekday, isoweekday; or empty for full datetime
* comparison_operator: == != <= >= < >
* value: integer, 'now' or dateutil-compatible date input
* value: integer or dateutil-compatible date input

* ``tags`` : string [, string...]
Filter posts to show only posts having at least one of the ``tags``.
Defaults to None.

* ``require_all_tags`` : flag
Change tag filter behaviour to show only posts that have all specified ``tags``.
Defaults to False.

* ``categories`` : string [, string...]
Filter posts to show only posts having one of the ``categories``.
Defaults to None.

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