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Identifying and customizing different kinds of pages

Nikola provides a `pagekind` in each template contexts that can be used to
modify shared templates based on the context it’s being used. For example,
the ``base_helper.tmpl`` is used in all pages, ``indexes.tmpl`` is used in
many contexts and you may want to add or remove something from only one of
these contexts.

Example of conditionally loading different resources on all index pages
(archives, author pages, and tag pages), and others again o the front page
and in every post pages:

.. code:: html+mako

% if 'index' in pagekind:
<link href="/assets/css/multicolumn.css" rel="stylesheet">
% endif
% if 'front_page' in pagekind:
<link href="/assets/css/fancy_homepage.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="/assets/js/post_carousel.js"></script>
% endif
% if 'post_page' in pagekind:
<link href="/assets/css/article.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="/assets/js/comment_system.js"></script>
% endif

Promoting visits to the front page when visiting other filtered
``index.tmpl`` page variants such as author pages and tag pages. This
could have been included in ``index.tmpl`` or maybe in ``base.tmpl``
depending on what you want to achieve.

.. code:: html+mako

% if 'index' in pagekind:
% if 'author_page' in postkind:
<p>These posts were written by ${author}. See posts by all
authors on the <a href="/">front page</a>.</p>
% elif 'tag_page' in postkind:
<p>This is a filtered selection of posts tagged “${tag}”, visit
the <a href="/">front page</a> to see all posts.</p>
% endif
% endif

List of page kinds provided by default plugins:

* front_page
* index
* index, archive_page
* index, author_page
* index, tag_page
* list
* list, archive_page
* list, author_page
* list, tag_page
* list, tags_page
* post_page
* story_page
* listing
* generic_page
* gallery_front
* gallery_page


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