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Preliminary nikola auto page
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Jul 23, 2015
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('', '<strong>Source code (GitHub)</strong>'),
('', 'Issue Tracker'),
('/changes.html', 'Changelog'),
('/license.html', 'License'),
('/authors.html', 'Contributors'),
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.. description:
.. type: text
Write your page here.
.. class:: lead

Nikola can rebuild your site and reload your browser automatically when you
are working on your site.

To use that mode, run ``nikola auto -b`` and edit your site. Your browser will
open. You can now edit your posts, create new ones, or add new content. And
your site will rebuild in the background, without any intervention.

Demo video (slightly outdated)

.. youtube::

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