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.. title: Author pages in Nikola 7.7
.. author: Juanjo Conti
.. slug: author-pages-in-nikola-77
.. date: 2015-09-04 16:08:03 UTC-03:00
.. tags: nikola, authors
.. category: Features
.. link:
.. description:
.. type: text
Since version 7.7 Nikola renders author pages for sites with more than one author.
Let me talk a little about this.

The first Nikola site I set up was for a group of friend wanting to publish tech
stuff online (for example, how to build a 3D printer with recycled elements).
I noticed that author names in posts weren't linked to any page. And because this is
a very common feature in blogging systems, I implemented it.

The feature can be enabled in `` with:

.. code-block:: python
As with tags, you can configure the pages path and if you want to list links to the posts
or the posts themselves:

.. code-block:: python
AUTHOR_PATH = "reporters"
Additionaly, this is not required, you can add a little bio to each (or some) authors
and hide others (this is, don't generate pages for them):

.. code-block:: python
"Juanjo Conti": "Python coder and writer.",
"Roberto Alsina": "Nikola father."
If you want to link to these pages in your own theme, you can use something like this
(Mako example):

.. code-block:: mako

% if author_pages_generated:
<a href="${_link('author',}">${}</a>
% else:
% endif

You can see the feature in action in `Nikola blog <>`_: `author page example <>`_.

Hope you enjoy it!

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