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And here's the final result: `A Bid For Fortune; Or; Dr. Nikola's Vendetta <link://slug/dr-nikola-final>`__

Final Note

Eventually, you will find something Nikola simply doesn't let you do. For example, while doing this, I found that
`enabling typogrify from a page's metadata did not work well. <>`__
and, while there is a way around it, file a feature request about `not double-loading JQuery. <>`__

And you know what happened? I fixed the bug, and I will implement the feature request! And if you try to do
cool crazy stuff with Nikola, you will find bugs, and will ask for features, and there is a pretty good
chance we will fix them, or find workarounds. After all we have already done it
`1179 times. <>`__

So, please experiment, and communicate. Everyone wins.


.. [1] Sadly, the title is actually "A Bid For Fortune" and "Dr. Nikola's Vendetta"

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