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Clean up WordPress import documentation a little
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dependency issues.

Importing Your WordPress Site Into Nikola
Importing your WordPress site into Nikola

If you like Nikola, and want to start using it, but you have a WordPress blog, Nikola
supports importing it. Here's the steps to do it:
supports importing it. Here are the steps to do it:

1) Get a XML dump of your site [#]_
2) nikola import_wordpress mysite.wordpress.2012-12-20.xml
1. Get an XML dump of your site [#]_
2. ``nikola import_wordpress mysite.wordpress.2012-12-20.xml``

After some time, this will create a ``new_site`` folder with all your data. It currently supports
the following:

* All your posts and pages
* Keeps "draft" status
* Keeps draft status
* Your tags and categories
* Imports your attachments and fixes links to point to the right places
* Will try to add redirects that send the old post URLs to the new ones
* Will give you a url_map so you know where each old post was
* Will give you a URL map so you know where each old post was

This is also useful for DISQUS thread migration!
This is also useful for DISQUS thread migration, or server-based 301

* Allows you to export your comments with each post
* Exports information on attachments per post
@@ -1842,15 +1843,15 @@ about it.

Other versions may or may not work.

Importing To A Custom Location Or Into An Existing Site
Importing to a custom location or into an existing site

It is possible to either import into a location you desire or into an already existing Nikola site.
To do so you can specify a location after the dump:

.. code:: console

$ nikola import_wordpress mysite.wordpress.2012-12-20.xml -o import_location
$ nikola import_wordpress mysite.wordpress.2012-12-20.xml -o import_location

With this command Nikola will import into the folder ``import_location``.

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