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Document MacPorts and Fink
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<p>Installing Nikola on OS X is easy. There are two ways to accomplish this:</p>
<p>Installing Nikola on OS X is easy. You can use Homebrew, MacPorts, Fink, or perform a standalone installation using the system Python.</p>
<h5>With <a href="">Homebrew</a> (recommended)</h5>
<p>If you have Homebrew installed, skip the first step. If you have Python installed from Homebrew, skip the second step.</p>
<li>Install <a href="">Homebrew</a>.
<li>Run <code class="gs-code gs-command">brew install python</code></li>
<li>Install <a href="">Homebrew</a>.</li>
<li>Install Python (and pip) with <code class="gs-code gs-command">brew install python</code></li>
<li>Install virtualenv with <code class="gs-code gs-command">pip install virtualenv</code></li>
<li>Follow the instructions on the right.</li>
<h5>With <a href="">MacPorts</a></h5>
<li>Install <a href="">MacPorts</a>.</li>
<li>Install pip (and Python) with <code class="gs-code gs-command">sudo port install py-pip</code></li>
<li>Install virtualenv with <code class="gs-code gs-command">sudo port install py-virtualenv</code></li>
<li>Follow the instructions on the right.</li>
<h5>With <a href="">Fink</a></h5>
<li>Install <a href="">Fink</a>.</li>
<li>Install pip, virtualenv and Python with <code class="gs-code gs-command">sudo fink install pip-py27 virtualenv-py27</code></li>
<li>Follow the instructions on the right.</li>
<h5>Standalone (advanced)</h5>
<p>You can skip steps 3 and 4 if you use <code class="gs-code gs-command">~/Library/Python/2.7/bin/virtualenv</code> as your virtualenv command.</p>
<li>Install <a href="">Xcode</a> (free) from the App Store.
<li>Install <a href="">Xcode</a> (free) from the App Store.</li>
<li>Install pip and virtualenv with <code class="gs-code gs-command">easy_install --user --upgrade --always-copy pip virtualenv</code></li>
<li>Update your $PATH with <code class="gs-code gs-command">echo 'export PATH="~/Library/Python/2.7/bin:$PATH"' &gt;&gt; ~/.bash_profile</code></li>
<li>Reload your profile with <code class="gs-code gs-command">source ~/.bash_profile</code></li>

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