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Fix test_themes script as some functions in utils have changed.

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ivanteoh committed Feb 26, 2017
1 parent d089e55 commit 3b8aa4a0be5917088355a599b45e1399c9e14a80
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@@ -26,13 +26,13 @@ def sanity_check(theme=None):
for theme in theme_list():
themes = utils.get_theme_chain(theme, _themes_dir='v7')
engine = utils.get_template_engine(themes, _themes_dir='v7')
themes = utils.get_theme_chain(theme, themes_dirs=['v7'])
engine = utils.get_template_engine(themes)

# Inheritance checks

# All themes must inherit from base
if themes[-1] != 'base':
if not themes[-1].endswith('base'):
error("theme {0} doesn't inherit from base".format(theme))
# All jinja themes must inherit from base-jinja
if engine == "jinja" and "base-jinja" not in themes:
@@ -62,14 +62,14 @@ def sanity_check(theme=None):
error("theme '{0}' contains deprecated name '{1}' in {2}".format(theme, k, path))

# Ensure the theme has a
if utils.get_asset_path('', [theme], _themes_dir='v7') is None:
if utils.get_asset_path('', themes) is None:
error("theme '{0}' has no".format(theme))

def is_asset_duplicated(path, themes):
# First get the path for the asset with whole theme chain
p1 = utils.get_asset_path(path, themes, _themes_dir='v7')
p1 = utils.get_asset_path(path, themes)
# Get the path for asset with truncated theme chain
p2 = utils.get_asset_path(path, themes[1:], _themes_dir='v7')
p2 = utils.get_asset_path(path, themes[1:])
# is ok to duplicate
if '' in path:
return False, p1, p2

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