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Fixed clone method.
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felixfontein committed Nov 27, 2016
1 parent c816b63 commit 01f970a42b29a26a41dc0f1caa8417f9ecc8f55f
Showing 1 changed file with 13 additions and 4 deletions.
@@ -41,16 +41,25 @@

def _clone_treenode(treenode, parent=None, acceptor=lambda x: True):
# Standard TreeNode stuff
"""Clone a TreeNode instance.
Children are only cloned if `acceptor` returns `True` when
applied on them.
Returns the cloned node if it has children or if `acceptor`
applied to it returns `True`. In case neither applies, `None`
is returned.
# Copy standard TreeNode stuff
node_clone = utils.TreeNode(, parent)
node_clone.children = [_clone_treenode(node, parent=node_clone, acceptor=acceptor) for node in treenode.children]
node_clone.children = [node for node in node_clone.children if node]
node_clone.indent_levels = treenode.indent_levels
node_clone.indent_change_before = treenode.indent_change_before
node_clone.indent_change_after = treenode.indent_change_after
# Stuff added by extended_tags_preproces plugin
node_clone.tag_path = treenode.tag_path
node_clone.tag_name = treenode.tag_name
# Copy stuff added by taxonomies_classifier plugin
node_clone.classification_path = treenode.classification_path
node_clone.classification_name = treenode.classification_name
# Accept this node if there are no children (left) and acceptor fails
if not node_clone.children and not acceptor(treenode):
return None

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