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update docs for #1720
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Kwpolska committed May 16, 2015
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@@ -407,9 +407,11 @@ Currently Nikola emits the following signals:
When all the configuration file is processed. Note that plugins are activated before this is emitted.
After posts are scanned.
When a new post is created, using the ``nikola new_post`` command. The signal
``new_post`` / ``new_page``
When a new post is created, using the ``nikola new_post``/``nikola new_page`` commands. The signal
data contains the path of the file, and the metadata file (if there is one).
``existing_post`` / ``existing_page``
When a new post fails to be created due to a title conflict. Contains the same data as ``new_post``.
When the ``nikola deploy`` command is run, and there is at least one new
entry/post since ``last_deploy``. The signal data is of the form::

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