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felixfontein committed Jul 11, 2015
1 parent f59f07b commit 1140b2ea51ada9a7b269daadc4f6b15040817968
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@@ -7,6 +7,20 @@ Features
* Delete old ``bootstrap`` theme (use ``bootstrap3`` instead)
* Screen reader-friendly navbar collapses and dropdowns (Issue #1863)
* Modern reST stylesheets, based in part on Bootstrap 3 (Issue #1150)
* Several improvements to WordPress importer (PR #1867):
* Allowing to export categories and category hierarchy with
* Allowing to exclude private posts, and allowing to include empty posts
* Allowing to use HTTP authentication for downloads with --download-auth
* Allowing to export comments with --export-comments
* Allowing to use WordPress page compiler to directly convert posts
to HTML on import with --transform-to-html
* Allowing to use WordPress page compiler on imported site instead of
converting posts to markdown with --use-wordpress-compiler
* Allowing to automatically install the WordPress page compiler when
needed with --install_wordpress_compiler
* Exporting information on attachments per post as JSON
* Exporting post status and excerpt


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