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felixfontein committed Dec 1, 2016
1 parent 1da8322 commit 1234eaac689781560e99152e9fec8e6d4c432742
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@@ -26,9 +26,8 @@ Features
* Make thumbnail naming configurable with ``IMAGE_THUMBNAIL_FORMAT``.
* There is a new plugin category ``Taxonomy`` which allows to easily
create new taxonomies. Some of the existing taxonomies (authors,
archives, indexes, page index, sections) have been converted to
the new system. Tags will be converted to the new system as soon
as categories are removed (i.e. in v8). (Issue #2107)
archives, indexes, page index, sections, tags, and categories)
have been converted to the new system. (Issue #2107)

New in v7.8.1

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