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ralsina committed May 17, 2017
2 parents 1a5980c + f706da9 commit 1ddc449e585d85ba151f08d89038eee0b81d9309
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 2 deletions.
@@ -267,12 +267,11 @@ def do_rebuild(self, event):
# move on larger save operations for write protection
event_path = event.dest_path if hasattr(event, 'dest_path') else event.src_path
fname = os.path.basename(event_path)
from import set_trace; set_trace()
if (fname.endswith('~') or
fname.startswith('.') or
'__pycache__' in event_path or
event_path.endswith(('.pyc', '.pyo', '.pyd', '_bak')) or
event.is_directory: # Skip on folders, these are usually duplicates
event.is_directory): # Skip on folders, these are usually duplicates
return'REBUILDING SITE (from {0})'.format(event_path))
p = subprocess.Popen(self.cmd_arguments, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)

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