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Update github_deploy branches in docs
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Mar 17, 2017
1 parent 1592ba4 commit 1ec7e0f
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5 changes: 2 additions & 3 deletions docs/manual.txt
Expand Up @@ -1486,12 +1486,11 @@ sure you have ``nikola`` and ``git`` installed on your PATH.
will be deployed. It should be ``gh-pages`` for project pages and
``master`` for user pages (
* ``GITHUB_SOURCE_BRANCH`` is the branch where your Nikola site source will be
deployed. We default to ``master``, but user pages should use ``src`` or
something else.
deployed. We recommend and default to ``src``.
* ``GITHUB_REMOTE_NAME`` is the remote to which changes are pushed.
* ``GITHUB_COMMIT_SOURCE`` controls whether or not the source branch is
automatically committed to and pushed. We recommend setting it to
``True``, unless you are automating builds with Travis CI.

4. Create a ``.gitignore`` file. We recommend adding at least the following entries:

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