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Update Simplified Chinese translation
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Sep 5, 2018
1 parent 338068d commit 26c7c841b0c2b359c03004ff19a97192f6918d6b
Showing 2 changed files with 187 additions and 190 deletions.
@@ -4,46 +4,46 @@
"%d min remaining to read": "剩余 %d 分钟去阅读",
"(active)": "(活跃)",
"Also available in:": "其他语言版本:",
"Archive": "文章存档",
"Atom feed": "",
"Also available in:": "也可用于:",
"Archive": "文章归档",
"Atom feed": "Atom源",
"Authors": "作者",
"Categories": "分类",
"Comments": "注释",
"Comments": "评论",
"LANGUAGE": "简体中文",
"Languages:": "语言:",
"More posts about %s": "有关更多文章",
"Newer posts": "新一篇",
"Next post": "后一篇",
"Next": "",
"Newer posts": "较新的文章",
"Next post": "下一篇",
"Next": "项下",
"No posts found.": "没有找到文章",
"Nothing found.": "没有找到。",
"Older posts": "旧一篇",
"Older posts": "以前的文章",
"Original site": "原文地址",
"Posted:": "发表于:",
"Posts about %s": "文章分类:%s",
"Posts by %s": "%s 发布",
"Posts about %s": "关于文章 %s",
"Posts by %s": "文章有%s发布",
"Posts for year %s": "%s年文章",
"Posts for {month_day_year}": "{month_day_year}文章",
"Posts for {month_year}": "{month_year}文章",
"Previous post": "前一篇",
"Previous": "",
"Previous post": "上一篇文章",
"Previous": "以前",
"Publication date": "发布日期",
"RSS feed": "RSS 源",
"Read in English": "中文版",
"Read more": "更多",
"Read in English": "阅读简体中文",
"Read more": "阅读更多",
"Skip to main content": "跳到主内容",
"Source": "源代码",
"Source": "资源",
"Subcategories:": "子类别:",
"Tags and Categories": "标签和分类",
"Tags": "标签",
"Toggle navigation": "",
"Toggle navigation": "展开导航栏",
"Uncategorized": "未分类",
"Up": "",
"Up": "向上",
"Updates": "更新",
"Write your page here.": "在这里书写你的页面。",
"Write your post here.": "在这里书写你的文章。",
"old posts, page %d": "旧文章页 %d",
"page %d": "第 %d 页",
"updated": "",
"updated": "更新",

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