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Guess format from path on new_post (Issue #2798)

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ralsina committed May 25, 2017
1 parent b8808c2 commit 274cf88dde014bbca506fa42a0eab816689a0404
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  1. +11 −2 nikola/plugins/command/
@@ -265,16 +265,25 @@ def _execute(self, options, args):
if "@" in content_format:
content_format, content_subformat = content_format.split("@")

if not content_format: # Issue #400
if not content_format and path:
# content_format not specified. If path was given, use
# it to guess (Issue #2798)
extension = os.path.splitext(path)[-1]
for compiler, extensions in['COMPILERS'].items():
if extension in extensions:
content_format = compiler

elif not content_format: # Issue #400
content_format = get_default_compiler(

if content_format not in compiler_names:
elif content_format not in compiler_names:
LOGGER.error("Unknown {0} format {1}, maybe you need to install a plugin or enable an existing one?".format(content_type, content_format))

compiler_plugin =
content_format, "PageCompiler").plugin_object

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