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Merge pull request #1960 from getnikola/fix-1939
Rewrite srcset links,  Fix #1939
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da2x committed Aug 21, 2015
2 parents 8d87914 + 8e00835 commit 2b9b86af4f57804a5ffe30a58c3ecb0fc9147dbc
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  2. +14 −1 nikola/
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Features

* Rewrite srcset links (Issue #1939)
* Add dependencies for include tag in Mako (Issue #1956)
* Don’t duplicate BLOG_TITLE in the front page title (Issue #1952)
* Escape instad of strip HTML in titles (Issue #1952)
@@ -1053,11 +1053,24 @@ def render_template(self, template_name, output_name, context):
parser = lxml.html.HTMLParser(remove_blank_text=True)
doc = lxml.html.document_fromstring(data, parser)
doc.rewrite_links(lambda dst: self.url_replacer(src, dst, context['lang']), resolve_base_href=False)
self.rewrite_links(doc, src, context['lang'])
data = b'<!DOCTYPE html>\n' + lxml.html.tostring(doc, encoding='utf8', method='html', pretty_print=True)
with open(output_name, "wb+") as post_file:

def rewrite_links(self, doc, src, lang):
"""Replace links in document to point to the right places."""
# First let lxml replace most of them
doc.rewrite_links(lambda dst: self.url_replacer(src, dst, lang), resolve_base_href=False)

# lxml ignores srcset in img and source elements, so do that by hand
objs = list(doc.findall('*//img')) + list(doc.findall('*//source'))
for obj in objs:
if 'srcset' in obj.attrib:
urls = [u.strip() for u in obj.attrib['srcset'].split(',')]
urls = [self.url_replacer(src, dst, lang) for dst in urls]
obj.set('srcset', ', '.join(urls))

def url_replacer(self, src, dst, lang=None, url_type=None):
"""Mangle URLs.

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