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Improving documentation and getting rid of site.bad_compilers.
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felixfontein committed Apr 2, 2017
1 parent e3eb204 commit 53e5f6eadf0464b0b220034bee67ed77ea9fba89
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@@ -1041,13 +1041,13 @@ def init_plugins(self, commands_only=False, load_all=False):
candidate = utils.get_translation_candidate(self.config, "f" + ext, lang)

# Avoid redundant compilers
# Remove compilers that match nothing in POSTS/PAGES
# And put them in "bad compilers"
# Avoid redundant compilers (if load_all is False):
# Remove compilers (and corresponding compiler extensions) that are not marked as
# needed by any PostScanner plugin and put them into self.disabled_compilers
# (respectively self.disabled_compiler_extensions).
self.config['COMPILERS'] = {}
self.disabled_compilers = {}
self.disabled_compiler_extensions = defaultdict(list)
self.bad_compilers = set(compilers.keys())

@@ -1095,7 +1095,6 @@ def init_plugins(self, commands_only=False, load_all=False):
for k, v in compilers.items():
if file_extensions is None or file_extensions.intersection(v):
self.config['COMPILERS'][k] = sorted(list(v))
p = self.disabled_compilers.pop(k, None)
if p:
@@ -544,6 +544,6 @@ def print_compilers(self):
More compilers are available in the Plugins Index.
Compilers marked with ! and ~ require additional configuration:
! not in the PAGES/POSTS tuples (unused)

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Kwpolska Apr 2, 2017


Too verbose, and emphasises the wrong part. Post scanners are relevant only to a few people, while POSTS/PAGES apply to everyone.

! not in the POSTS/PAGES tuples and any post scanners (unused)

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felixfontein Apr 2, 2017

Author Contributor


! not used by any post scanner plugin (i.e. not in the PAGES/POSTS tuples for default plugin) (unused)
~ not in the COMPILERS dict (disabled)
Read more: {0}""".format(COMPILERS_DOC_LINK))

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