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Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Jan 14, 2017
1 parent 2423c64 commit 8c336cfe37503d0604f1d12a6cab75d62cb9d3e1
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@@ -563,11 +563,27 @@ The ``new_post`` command supports some options:
-F, --available-formats List all available input formats
-s Schedule the post based on recurrence rule
-i ARG, --import=ARG Import an existing file instead of creating a placeholder
-d, --date-path Create post with date path (eg. year/month/day, see NEW_POST_DATE_PATH_FORMAT in config)

The optional ``path`` parameter tells Nikola exactly where to put it instead of guessing from your config.
So, if you do ``nikola new_post posts/random/foo.txt`` you will have a post in that path, with
"foo" as its slug.

The ``-d, --date-path`` option automates creation of ``year/month/day`` or
similar directory structures. It can be enabled on a per-post basis, or you can
use it for every post if you set ``NEW_POST_DATE_PATH = True`` in

.. code:: python

# Use date-based path when creating posts?
# Can be enabled on a per-post basis with `nikola new_post -d`.

# What format to use when creating posts with date paths?
# Default is '%Y/%m/%d', other possibilities include '%Y' or '%Y/%m'.


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