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Also updated documentation a bit.
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This is also useful for DISQUS thread migration!

* Allows you to export your comments with each post
* Exports information on attachments per post
* Will try to convert the content of your posts. This is *not* error free, because
WordPress uses some unholy mix of HTML and strange things. Currently we are treating it
as markdown, which does a reasonable job of it.

You will find your old posts in ``new_site/posts/post-title.wp`` in case you need to fix
You will find your old posts in ``new_site/posts/`` in case you need to fix
any of them.

You can also use a page compiler based on WordPress code which is available as a plugin.
The importer allows you to use this page compiler to transform the posts directly on
import to HTML files, or to export them without modifications. Please note that since
WordPress is licensed under the GPL, so is the page compiler plugin.

The page compiler currently only supports the ``[code]`` shortcode, but other shortcodes
can be supported via plugins.

This feature is a work in progress, and the only way to improve it is to have it used for
as many sites as possible and make it work better each time, so I am happy to get requests
about it.

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