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Smarter ID rewrite ordering
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed May 15, 2017
1 parent 18c76b1 commit 91204c845f3974a7da72951fe8a9826affc0571e
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@@ -1933,6 +1933,19 @@ deduplicate_ids
offending IDs. If used alongside ``add_header_permalinks``, it will fix
those links (it must run **after** that filter)

IDs are numbered from the bottom up, which is useful for indexes (updates
appear at the top). There are exceptions, which may be configured using
``DEDUPLICATE_IDS_TOP_CLASSES`` — if any of those classes appears sin the
document, the IDs are rewritten top-down, which is useful for posts/pages
(updates appear at the bottom).

Note that in rare cases, permalinks might not always be *permanent* in case
of edits.

.. code:: python

DEDUPLICATE_IDS_TOP_CLASSES = ('postpage', 'storypage')

You can apply filters to specific posts or pages by using the ``filters`` metadata field:

.. code:: restructuredtext
@@ -439,9 +439,12 @@ def add_header_permalinks(data, xpath_list=None):
return lxml.html.tostring(doc, encoding="unicode")

def deduplicate_ids(data):
def deduplicate_ids(data, top_classes=None):
"""Post-process HTML via lxml to deduplicate IDs."""
if not top_classes:
top_classes = ('postpage', 'storypage')
doc = lxml.html.document_fromstring(data)
elements = doc.xpath('//*')
all_ids = [element.attrib.get('id') for element in elements]
@@ -459,7 +462,17 @@ def deduplicate_ids(data):
# Results are ordered the same way they are ordered in document
offending_elements = doc.xpath('//*[@id="{}"]'.format(i))
counter = 2
for e in offending_elements[-2::-1]:
# If this is a story or a post, do it from top to bottom, because
# updates to those are more likely to appear at the bottom of pages.
# For anything else, including indexes, do it from bottom to top,
# because new posts appear at the top of pages.
# We also leave the first result out, so there is one element with
# "plain" ID
if any(doc.find_class(c) for c in top_classes):
off = offending_elements[1:]
off = offending_elements[-2::-1]
for e in off:
new_id = i
while doc.xpath('//*[@id="{}"]'.format(new_id)):
new_id = '{0}-{1}'.format(i, counter)

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