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Use floats everywhere, it’s safer (#1917)

Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Jul 30, 2015
1 parent 5d894a9 commit bbfd1dbd021558c8539484eaedfd78ae3ee34571
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 nikola/plugins/command/
@@ -526,15 +526,15 @@ def add(our_key, wp_key, is_int=False, ignore_zero=False, is_float=False):
dst_meta[our_key] = value

add('aperture', b'aperture', is_int=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('aperture', b'aperture', is_float=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('credit', b'credit')
add('camera', b'camera')
add('caption', b'caption')
add('created_timestamp', b'created_timestamp', is_int=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('created_timestamp', b'created_timestamp', is_float=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('copyright', b'copyright')
add('focal_length', b'focal_length', is_int=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('iso', b'iso', is_int=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('shutter_speed', b'shutter_speed', is_int=False, ignore_zero=True, is_float=True)
add('focal_length', b'focal_length', is_float=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('iso', b'iso', is_float=True, ignore_zero=True)
add('shutter_speed', b'shutter_speed', ignore_zero=True, is_float=True)
add('title', b'title')

if len(dst_meta) > 0:

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