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@@ -1657,13 +1657,13 @@ and

.. code:: console

$ nikola subtheme -n custom_theme -s flatly -p bootstrap3
$ nikola subtheme -n custom_theme -s flatly -p bootstrap4
[2013-10-12T16:46:58Z] NOTICE: subtheme: Creating 'custom_theme' theme
from 'flatly' and 'bootstrap3'
from 'flatly' and 'bootstrap4'
[2013-10-12T16:46:58Z] NOTICE: subtheme: Downloading:
[2013-10-12T16:46:58Z] NOTICE: subtheme: Downloading:
[2013-10-12T16:46:59Z] NOTICE: subtheme: Theme created. Change the THEME setting to "custom_theme" to use it.

Play with it, there's cool stuff there. This feature was suggested by

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