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Don’t rebuild Atom files unnecessarily often
The corresponding index file was a poor indicator for feed file
freshness. Rely on the posts themselves instead.
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da2x committed Jul 27, 2015
1 parent 0de18d4 commit c7d6486ccd6cc42be91a74e88068a528c52d9f84
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@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Features

* Don’t rebuild Atom syndication files unnecessarily often
* Include .php files in sitemaps
* Retry all client errors (4xx) to HEAD as GET reques when checking remote links
* Graceful fallback in ``nikola serve --detach`` on Windows (Issue #1913)
@@ -1900,8 +1900,8 @@ def generic_index_renderer(self, lang, posts, indexes_title, template_name, cont
context["feedpagecount"] = num_pages
atom_task = {
"basename": basename,
"file_dep": [output_name],
"name": atom_output_name,
"file_dep": sorted([_.base_path for _ in post_list]),
"targets": [atom_output_name],
"actions": [(self.atom_feed_renderer,

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