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Killed sllides (#2854)
* Killed sllides

* removed slides from the demo

* updated changelog
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ralsina committed Jun 28, 2017
1 parent 2cd6e02 commit c94951d0a8dff7fe10d0e624174f08d5bcd3a5b3
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ Bugfixes
Removed features

* Removed the slides directive for docutils, it will now be a separate plugin.
* Drop Python 2 support
* Remove ``nikola install_theme`` — use ``nikola theme`` instead
* Drop insecure post encryption feature
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ Nikola can't do:
* An Issue tracker
* Anything with forms, really (except for `comments`_!)

Keep in mind that "static" doesn't mean **boring**. You can have animations, slides
Keep in mind that "static" doesn't mean **boring**. You can have animations
or whatever fancy CSS3/HTML5 thingie you like. It only means all that HTML is
generated already before being uploaded. On the other hand, Nikola sites will
tend to be content-heavy. What Nikola is good at is at putting what you write
@@ -189,7 +189,6 @@ Nikola provides the following features:
* Easy-to-create image galleries
* Image thumbnail generation
* Support for displaying source code listings
* Image slideshows
* Custom search
* Asset (CSS/JS) bundling
* gzip compression (for sending via your web server)
@@ -2481,21 +2480,6 @@ least this basic HTML:

<a class="image-reference" href="images/tesla.jpg"><img src="images/tesla.thumbnail.jpg"></a>


To create an image slideshow, you can use the ``slides`` directive. For example:

.. code:: restructuredtext

.. slides::



This file was deleted.

@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ Next steps:
* `Visit the Nikola website to learn more <>`__
* `See a demo photo gallery <link://gallery/demo>`__
* :doc:`See a demo listing <listings-demo>`
* :doc:`See a demo slideshow <slides-demo>`
* :doc:`See a demo of a longer text <dr-nikolas-vendetta>`

Send feedback to!

This file was deleted.

This file was deleted.

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