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Fix #1829 -- document static indexes
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Jun 21, 2015
1 parent d705b32 commit cba97c89a8f74efd87fcde91ff6ce34295336678
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@@ -877,6 +877,48 @@ Using Pandoc for reStructuredText, Markdown and other input formats that have a
standalone Nikola plugin is **not recommended** as it disables plugins and
extensions that are usually provided by Nikola.


All your posts that are not drafts, private or dated in the future, will be
shown in indexes.


Indexes are put in the ``INDEX_PATH`` directory, which defaults to an empty
string (site root). The “main” index is ``index.html``, and all the further
indexes are ``index-*.html``, respectively.

By default, 10 posts are displayed on an index page. This can be changed with
``INDEX_DISPLAY_POST_COUNT``. Indexes can show full posts or just the teasers,
as controlled by the ``INDEX_TEASERS`` setting (defaults to ``False``).

Titles of the pages can be controlled by using ``INDEXES_TITLES``,

Categories and tags use simple lists by default that show only titles and
dates; however, you can switch them to full indexes by using

Static indexes

Nikola uses *static indexes* by default. This means that ``index-1.html`` has
the latest posts, and the newest posts are in ``index-N.html``, where ``N`` is

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felixfontein Jun 21, 2015


You mean oldest posts, and not latest posts, or?

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Kwpolska Jun 21, 2015

Author Member

Fixed in 287b306, thanks.

the highest number. Only the page with the highest number and the main page
(``index-N.html`` and ``index.html``) are rebuilt (the others remain
unchanged). The page that appears when you click *Older posts* on the index
page, ``index-N.html``, might contain **less than 10 posts** if there are not
enough posts to fill up all pages.

This can be disabled by setting ``INDEXES_STATIC`` to ``False``. In that mode,
``index-1.html`` contains all the newest posts and will always contain 10 posts
(unless you have less than 20). The last page, ``index-N.html``, contains the
oldest posts, and might contain less than 10 posts. This is how many blog
engines and CMSes behave. Note that this will lead to rebuilding all index
pages, which might be a problem for larger blogs (with a lot of index pages).

Creating a Page

@@ -477,7 +477,7 @@ IMAGE_FOLDERS = {'images': 'images'}
# (translatable) If PRETTY_URLS is set to True, this setting will be used to create
# more pretty URLs for index pages, such as page/2/index.html instead of index-2.html.
# prettier URLs for index pages, such as page/2/index.html instead of index-2.html.
# Valid values for this settings are:
# * False,
# * a list or tuple, specifying the path to be generated,

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