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Fixed missing lang.

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felixfontein committed Mar 6, 2016
1 parent 361ca29 commit cd178773f5bca6a1046a05de31f9581c3a75b5fc
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@@ -1737,7 +1737,7 @@ def scan_posts(self, really=False, ignore_quit=False, quiet=False):
if _tag_slugified in slugged_tags[lang]:
if tag not in self.posts_per_tag:
# Tags that differ only in case
other_tag = [existing for existing in self.posts_per_tag.keys() if utils.slugify(existing) == _tag_slugified][0]
other_tag = [existing for existing in self.posts_per_tag.keys() if utils.slugify(existing, lang) == _tag_slugified][0]
utils.LOGGER.error('You have tags that are too similar: {0} and {1}'.format(tag, other_tag))
utils.LOGGER.error('Tag {0} is used in: {1}'.format(tag, post.source_path))
utils.LOGGER.error('Tag {0} is used in: {1}'.format(other_tag, ', '.join([p.source_path for p in self.posts_per_tag[other_tag]])))

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